Monday, 19 March 2012

A Trip West

A few days ago, I headed west to Glasgow, the excuse, if one was needed, was to journey there by the recently re-opened Airdrie/Bathgate railway line. A casualty of the passion for closing railway lines, at its height in the 1960s, the line was kept alive at both ends until more enlightened times saw the sense of re-connecting the east and west extremities of this once busy railway. The railway, once again gives the good folk of West Lothian and Lanarkshire an alternative means of visiting the two great cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, which glower at each other over the forty plus miles that separates them. My Father had a great fondness for Glasgow, which I have inherited. In years past, I used to visit the city often but in recent times, my visits have been less frequent. This I am determined to change. Although I have lived most of my life in Edinburgh, I was born in the land that lies between the two cities. I can therefore take a more neutral position in the somewhat silly Edinburgh/Glasgow rivalry. It has always been my opinion that anyone living in the central belt of Scotland and beyond, who does not take advantage of the delights of these very different but equally interesting and absorbing cities, really are losing out on the great experiences that both offer. 

The trip, was for me, quite nostalgic. When I last travelled over the this railway line, I was a mere boy and a puffing steam locomotive would have been at the front of the train.  The two photographs at the top would have shown many ships, some double parked but instead show a river completely devoid of any craft, with two new bridges crossing the empty river. At the top is the pedestrian bridge connecting the area of Tradeston on the south of the river to Glasgow city centre. The second photo is of the famous 'Squinty Bridge', it's formal name {The Clyde Arc}, I have forgotten, as  I am sure have most Glaswegians. The two lower photos are of the South Portland Street pedestrian suspension bridge.

I am determined to visit the great city of the west again soon and hopefully, take many more photographs. I have been asked to make the photos larger and this I shall do. However, until I find  watermark software that I am happy with, I shall limit the quality level of the pics.

I hope to return soon, until then, enjoy your life.

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