Saturday, 2 June 2012

Allotments, Castle and a new beginning !

Edinburgh Castle as seen from the Allotments in Inverleith Park

Oh dear, Oh dear, it has been a long time. My plans of creating a regular blog still seem to elude me.

However, I recently read the blog of one of my nephews and his use of photographs and text, illustrating his daily wanderings through his life has put me to shame. So therefore, I am making another effort to record my wanderings through my life using my pictures and my poor words.

The above photograph is here for two reasons. The first is that it is an example of what I am hoping to achieve with my art. A record of the world as I see it. It was taken last summer and the juxtaposition of the sharp imagery of the plant life (in the original image) and the hazy outline of the hard rock of the castle I find very appealing. With the combination of the lighting, colour and tone, it has a simple attraction to me and while not earth shattering in it's subject matter, it has become one of my favourite images.

The second reason for showing the picture is that my daughter has been kind enough to let me add some of my 'masterpieces' to her stall at some recent craft fairs, although I have to admit that my sales success has been limited. In the hope of producing a more affordable 'product', I had some smaller prints placed in greeting card mounts but sales still eluded me. It seems that the few people who visited the fair did not have the money or interest in purchasing the craft work on show as adjoining stalls also had few sales. At least my daughter covered her immediate costs and my one sale of the day, was one of my photo greeting cards to a nice lady of the above image. I can only grow from that.

Until the next (hopefully soon) time