Sunday, 19 May 2013

Recent Activity


You may have noticed that there has been a little activity on this blog in recent days and I have to admit that it was myself and yet another attempt by me to write. If you have followed my previous blogs, you will be aware that I have held an ambition to write, to add my few thoughts and ideas to the great mass of creative writings that exists. In this, I have been a complete failure. However, I still have this strong desire to write, yet can't overcome the forces that stop me from achieving that ambition. I sometime think that I should accept that perhaps, I have neither the talent or ability to create anything worthwhile and the world will keep turning despite this. Still, I keep trying and have brought forward many excuses or reasons why this lack of success should be so and if you refer back to one of my earliest post, one of those excuses was a Mr. Cant.

I and I have discovered, many others were subjected to the old method of teaching in that if you failed to understand something you were being taught, you must have not been paying attention and were therefore punished so that in future, you you would make more effort. Others suffered from Mr. Cant's failings as a teacher but probably went on to do great things in this world. Therefore, in yet another attempt to overcome my lack of success and to lay the ghost of Mr. Cant to rest, I started with two words, with their different spellings. They had caused me much pain, all those years ago, and so THERE, THEIR, WHERE, WERE and for good measure WHY started my little quest to complete a little piece of writing. My hope was that this may lead me to greater things and I hope that may still be true. Each night, I would add one or more words to each of the above until sentences were formed. In this I was successful and I have hopes that this will continue,  gradually creating, as with the bricks of a building, something I can be proud of.

However, back to the purpose of this blog, that of my photographic attempts. I have found that in my later years, I have discovered a love for the simplicity and elegance of the black and white or monochrome image. As a youngster, only the monochrome image was available to me and I desired colour. Lower cost and greater availability eventually made that possible and I made no attempt to understand the requirements and possibilities of such non colour images. I intend to make up for lost time and try to explore the full extent of the qualities that the monochrome image can communicate. The image above is one of my attempts.


Further to this, I have also found a desire to create hand coloured images from monochrome pictures. I am trying different techniques and the above images are two of my early attempts. As with the monochrome images, I intend to explore the possibilities that such images might hold and which allow me to create my own view of the world around me.

Until some time in the future, may life be good to you. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013


There was only one possibility. Soon their hopes would fade just as the daylight dissolved into twilight and then into the darkness of the long night.

They heard no sounds, felt no touch and saw no fleeting movements in the shadows. That they were not alone, they had no room for doubt.

The pinpoint of light was as a beacon in the black nothingness that surrounded them. Did it mean the end of a tunnel and escape or was it, as a lighthouse, a grim warning.

Though why now, why here and why them.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


There was only one possibility, before their hopes began to fade, as the day dissolved into the twilight.

They heard no sounds, felt no touch and saw no shadows and yet they knew that they were not alone in the dim evening light.

The pinpoint of light, bright in the black nothingness, was where their only chance of redemption lay.

Though why now, why here and why them.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Their hopes began to fade as the day dissolved into the twilight

There was only one chance

they were not alone in the darkness

to where their only chance of redemption lay

Though why now and why here

Monday, 13 May 2013


Their hopes began to fade

There was only one chance

they were not alone

to where only redemption

though why now and why here          

Sunday, 12 May 2013


                                                                      Their hopes began

                                                                      There was only

                                                                      Were not alone

                                                                  to where only

                                                         thought why now

Saturday, 11 May 2013


                                                                Their hopes

                                                                There was

                                                                Were not

                                                             to where

                                                   thought Why