Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Quiet Day at Blackness

                           Gosh, that must have come from some size of a plug-hole !

Another glorious day and it is still March. Taking advantage of this little bounty of sunniness, my wife and I drove to one of our nearby favourite places, the ancient port of Blackness. Unlike most of our  visit to Blackness, there was only a mild gentle breeze that was most welcome for it's cooling qualities. I can't believe I have written that. Usually the wind, in this little corner of Scotland, has to be endured and at best can be described as fresh and breezy. A sailing boat club is based in this once busy little port. Such a club would not have any purpose if there was a complete lack of wind in this little outpost. It would have to move to Westminster or Holyrood, where there is plenty of wind. 

The top photo is some form of mooring that is completely out of place. It could have come from the nearby castle or possibly from further down the coast. Within the last couple of years, there have been some fierce storms that had the power to move large concrete blocks, so this giant plug would be no problem.

We had a lovely quiet picnic lunch in this children's play ground, which was completely devoid of children, no doubt in school, learning to become good and useful citizens of the future (see last post).  We both felt that the local children were very lucky to have such a safe and healthy place to play. The middle photo shows a play horse, in the park, against the background of the two bridges, silhouetted in the misty distance. We both managed to resist it's charms although the lady I married did have a go on a swing, over which we shall draw a discrete veil.

The lower picture is my feeble attempt to illustrate the obvious echoing of elements of both bridges in the background, with the diamond shaped climbing frame. I just could not find the picture that best showed this link between the two structures in the distance and the structure in the foreground. Only this heavily cropped image rescues the picture. A return visit will be necessary.

It has been a lovely day and because I take photographs, I have a visual reminder of a sunny day, in March, spent with the woman I love, at Blackness. Thank you for your visit and sharing a little of my day. 

Until the next time....    

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