Saturday, 14 January 2012


Hello and welcome to my little bit piece of the wide world of the internet. I have started this Blog as a means of publishing my thoughts, opinions and no doubt, some slightly bigoted views on my and other peoples photography, my life, the world and everything. I have my lovely daughter to thank for getting me started on this new adventure and experience, although, any mistake and error or down right rubbish are all of my own creation. I hope that you, dear reader, will find my rambling thoughts worthy of a little of your time. One of the reasons that I wish to write this blog, is that I may find, as I write, somethings about myself and therefore, if you are tempted to return, we shall go on an adventure of discovery together.

At this moment, I shall say very little about myself but hope that, in time, more may be revealed as I ramble on about my interest and ideas. However, to give you some idea of the crackpot behind the keyboard I will admit to being male, in my early sixties, living with my lovely wife in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, which is the northernmost part of the UK. I am retired from the day job but still have difficulty finding time to do everything that I want to do.

The above photograph was taken at random from my collection and is a shot of Linlithgow Palace taken from the canal that flows through the town. The fine church in front of the palace ruins is Saint Michaels Church, one of the largest parish churches in Scotland. The original stone crown was replaced in the 1960s with the metal crown and even today, many feel that it does not fit in with the rest of the building. My late father, who was born and bred in the town hated the metal crown of thorns and after all these years and hundreds of visits, I am not to sure on which side of opinion I fall on. The building that lies below the church is the town's Burgh Halls. As with the Palace and Church, it is open to the public and is well worth a visit, with the bonus of a nice cafe which could be most welcome as you descend the hill after visiting the attraction that sit above the halls.

The town has many other places to eat and drink and amongst the other attractions, is the town museum at Annet House in the High Street. I spent the first few year of my life in the town and although the museum fails to make any mention of this fact, it does offer a splendid overview of the industries, people and history of the town. There is also much on the other famous person to come from the town, namely Mary Queen of Scots, the lady who was tragically executed by Elizabeth the First of England. There is also a present day politician who come from the town but we will not talk of him today.

I shall close now but leave you with the image on the left of which I shall say more next time.

For now, I wish you all the goodness you deserve and hope that we will get together again soon.      

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